Millpaca Alpacas

While our interest in the industry and love of Alpacas began over a decade ago, our serious commitment to genetically pure best-of-breed propagation commenced in 2007.

At Millpaca Stud we concentrate on breeding Huacaya alpacas, which is the most popular and in-demand breed of alpaca in the world. This breed is characterised by a curly fibre with a dense fleece, and unlike Suri alpacas, they are much more adaptable to thriving in harsh climates.

Over the past four years, we have closely monitored the most successful breeders and leaders of the alpaca industry and the great achievements that have been made here and globally, and we have invested significantly in best-practice Huacaya breeding development. This has enabled Millpaca to gain access to some of the best frontline genetics that are available in Australia.

After extensive research, we decided very early on in the planning process to just concentrate on solid whites and pure Peruvian blacks. As each cria drop falls due, there is a great sense of excitement and pride in noting the differences and improvements made from the influence of each dam and sire.

The Millpaca Stud’s overall aim is to produce the perfect mix of confirmation, bone density, low micron fleece and lowered SD. All while maintaining excellent lustre and retaining good handling traits, as well as increasing the amount of fleece that can be sheared from each animal commercially, for those who manage flocks full-time and committed hobby farmers too.

When you purchase an alpaca from Millpaca; or utilise our stud service, you really can be assured that they are among the best Huacaya alpaca stock you can get anywhere. Our slogan ‘breeding perfection’ reinforces our ongoing aim to breed the best, and that’s the Millpaca difference.

Contact us

General Enquiries
P +612 4464 1728

Milpaca Stud
286 Tindalls Lane
Berry NSW 2535





Wharncliffe Alpacas

A chance encounter with friends at the Huon Show in November 1994 introduced me to alpacas. Not only was I irresistibly drawn to this utterly different animal but I was also intrigued by the possibility of having a viable livestock business, even though I was only on a newly acquired small acreage.

On Australia Day 2020, it will be 25 years since I chose and purchased my first alpaca. 

“Chose” might be an overstatement, as there was only one for sale. In 1995 in Tasmania, alpacas were thin on the ground and nobody was selling.

I didn’t have the experience or confidence to consider a trip interstate to purchase and so that local girl came home with me, accompanied by her llama-like companion. (dear old Ben) I thought Laura was wonderful. 

With the benefit of hindsight, a blue-eyed white, mated to a grey male might not have been the best recommendation for a new breeder to start with. Perhaps unsurprisingly, nothing came of that little foray into alpaca breeding.  

Some months later, I purchased her black mother, an original Chilean import, the magnificent and very Chilean Regal Girl, a fiery old thing with a white blaze on her forehead. Also unsurprisingly, Regie gave me a number of very pretty tuxedo blacks with fleece like border collie hair. But I was by then a fledgling “Black Breeder”, a niche that I decided on fairly quickly.

A year or two into my alpaca life, I had the opportunity to reshape my herd, refining my niche of sound black. The herd progressed.  In 2004 there was a further review of my goals when I was able to access quality Peruvian black genetics and gradually the Wharncliffe herd started to move towards today’s look. Since then there have been some wonderful comments from Judges about the lustre, colour and handle of Wharncliffe fleeces and have been awarded a Supreme Championship. multiple Best Blacks and other Broad ribbons. Significantly, Wharncliffe pairs have won or placed in both Sire’s and Dam’s progeny awards at Tasmanian Shows over the past few years. This has been achieved by putting as much emphasis on the quality of the females as on the herd sires. 

Being on a small property - and wedded to my house and garden - my goalposts have become  increasingly narrow. I do not have the room to follow the many interesting byways that black breeding can offer. No space to house the browns and fawns that would appear if I followed the common path of using a dense fawn male to add some of the structure needed by blacks - and no space to deal with the fawns and greys that would eventuate if I used a fabulous grey. 

I was told 20 years ago that “the best blacks come out of greys”. It can be true and would be fun.

But here’s the thing: my best blacks come out of blacks. 

The Wharncliffe blacks have now developed a look: sound conformation, true, inky blackness and a silky, soft handling fleece that you just want to smother yourself with. To the best of my ability my alpacas are black out of black out of black. 

Others do it differently, using greys and fawns and their blacks are frequently outstanding. I’m aware that there are characteristics - such as extreme density - that I might never develop in the herd to the same extent. However when you live with blacks, even in our cool Tasmanian climate, you realise that extreme density in a black might not be the best thing in terms of animal welfare. I’m far more interested in how the fleece handles, how consistent are the offspring and for how many years will the fleece remain useful.

Over the past 25 years, having gone through various phases, I’m now less hung up on the numbers. Instead: how does it handle?  How consistent is it over the body of the animal? Does the judge have to get down on his/her knees under the belly to find where it runs off?  The answers to these questions, in order, are: It handles beautifully. Consistency is improving.  Yes the judge has to look hard. 

And by the by, the numbers are good, according tested samples. First fleeces are 17-18 micron with SDs between 2.8 and 3.6. 16-year-olds still produce 19m fleece.  Most are under 25m in any age group and those that aren’t, feel as if they are.

Females from the 2017 and 2018 drop are now available for sale to committed breeders whose goals align with our signature of soft handling, lustrous, true black alpaca. 


Fibre Naturally



Fibre Naturally

Nestled between rolling hills and fern lined valleys in a place where time stands still, Fibre Naturally is expertly weaving the past and present together. Our boutique alpaca woollen mill combines modern technology with new world alpaca fibre. Here, three generations of family work side by side to process luxurious alpaca fleece into yarns, blankets, scarves and woollen accessories destined to become treasured heirlooms for years to come.


Since 2007 our goal has been to help alpaca growers value add their fleece by processing to any specification. As alpaca breeders ourselves, we recognise that value adding plays an integral role in the future viablity of the Australian alpaca indusrty.


Our reputation for quality processing is built on our in-depth knowledge of alpaca fibre and our desire to create a product that does justice to the fibre of the gods.

Alpaca comes in infinite variations, which can make processing it rather challenging. With over 25 years experience as alpaca breeders and over 10 years as fibre processors we know how to get the best out of your fleece


We have a complete suite of mill equipment made specifically for the cottage industry that is capable of processing all natural fibres.

Our mill's versatility means we can process small batches (down to a single fleece) separately, which allows people to trace their product to a single alpaca, or we can process large batches by combining fleeces.


As well as processing on consignment, we produce our own home grown luxurious yarns and products under the brand of Alpaca Allure.

Our Alpaca Allure products are specially selected from fleeces that are grown, harvested  and processed sustainably & ethically entirely on our farm from our own Glenavon Alpaca herd,
or sourced from other select farms using our stringent quality specifications.


Stevley Park Suris



50 Shades of Brown

Nar Nar Goon, West Gippsland, Victoria, is the home of Stevley Park Suris, owned and operated by Lezley and Steve Golding. Our breeding program is focused on Brown Suris, striving for fineness, lustre and density in all ’50 Shades of Brown’ Stevley Park Suris are proud co-owners of Canchones Diesel Plus ET.

We have bred many broad ribbon winners and our breeding program is now at the stage to offer quality affordable packages.

Check out our sales list

On farm husbandry and shearing workshops are available on request. Having been in the industry for nearly 20 years we enjoy giving back and offer mentoring, help with farm layout and ongoing support for new customers and new members entering the industry.



Futura Alpaca Stud



The Futura Story

Established in 1993 by Greg & Judy Smith.

Our 100 acre (40ha) farm is in Albany on the South Coast of Western Australia.This region of W.A. has mild weather with regular rainfall ensuring lush pastures – perfect alpaca country.

Committing to the alpaca industry twenty-six years ago has given our life a focus and enabled us to live a wonderful lifestyle which many can only dream of.

How do you measure success?

  • Is it breeding strong, healthy animals?
  • Is it seeing dramatic improvement in fleece quality?
  • Is it succeeding in the show ring?
  • Is it making money?
  • Is it having a purpose and motivation?
  • Is it interacting with likeminded people?
  • Is it belonging to a viable livestock industry?

We at Futura can proudly say YES to all the above.

Ribbons and trophies adorn our home but sharing this journey as a couple with our family and extended alpaca family is what has made this so worthwhile and rewarding.

We welcome enquiries as we release a limited number of alpacas for sale each year.

Contact us

Judy: 0411 702 584
Greg: 0484 757 232

See us on facebook



Story Book Alpacas



ALPACA: Remarkable, Unique, and Australian.

“Once upon a time” is a catchphrase that, according to the Oxford Dictionary, has been used as the opening lines for storytelling since the 1380s. These stories to end with “they all lived happily ever after” – and Storybook Alpacas is such a tale.


Once upon a time there was a family who shared a love and belief in the notion of Carpe Diem – Seize the Day – make your life extraordinary. This has lead them into a life of adventures: Martial Arts (Just for Kicks Taekwondo), Olives, and Alpaca Breeding.

Our initial involvement commenced in 2003 when our daughter was but 3 years of age – height wise, cria size. Rubey’s first childhood recollections are walking amongst alpacas in the paddocks and holding pens at Coolaroo when we were selecting our preliminary herd.

For us, at Storybook Alpacas, our commitment is to the entirety of the Alpaca, the sustainability of Australian Agriculture, and to the passion for the development of genetically bred champions.

Storybook Alpacas are excited to be a part of this wonderful industry, now and happily ever after!

Contact us

Mick - 0407 407 618
Karen 0407 407 763


Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.   

Check out our video channel “Storybook Alpacas”



Alcatraz Alpacas



Alcatraz Alpacas

Alcatraz Alpacas is situated in the beautiful Swan Valley, where their small herd of Huacaya Alpacas enjoy life while growing their lovely fleece.

Alcatraz are focusing on improving the breed especially in coloured alpacas.

Alpaca Information

Alpacas are a beautiful, calm and gentle animal, they are curious and differ in personality and grow a gorgeous fleece. They are relatively easy to look after but its worth reading up on as much information as you can.
See below for a few tips on purchasing alpacas :

  • They're a herd animal so you must have two or more.
  • Two distinct alpaca breeds: The Huacaya alpaca is well covered with a rounded appearance and grows 'sheep like' fleece which is crimped into a staple definition. The Suri alpaca grows a locking fleece that hangs from the centre and into a drape of curtain silk tassel.
  • You need a couple of acres of land and like for most farm animals more the better. Fencing similar to sheep fencing, a standard 1.2 metre fence of six strand wire or mesh wire.
  • If you intend to breed alpacas check to see that the alpaca is registered with the Australian Alpaca Association. The register records tag identification, age, pedigree and ownership
  • Shearing is once a year and at the same time its good to get the shearer to drench, vaccinate, cut teeth and toe nails.
  • If you choose males for pets they must be castrated (wethered) at around 8-16 months of age. These are commonly used as sheep guards.
  • Decide if you want alpacas for pets or to breed. To get genetic improvement you should be using only the best females and males you can.
  • The better breeding females and males will cost you considerably more than pet quality.
  • If you decide to breed alpacas for the first time consider purchasing an experienced female that is already mated and get more information on breeding.
  • Halter trained alpacas are an asset, this makes life much easier when moving them around for vet visits, shearing, etc.
  • Good nutrition is a must especially if you have pregnant females, you may have to supplement feed depending on your pasture quality and quantity.
  • Check what plants you currently have on your property. Care must be taken to avoid poisonous plants such as toxic oleander, lantana, etc.

Alcatraz Alpacas is happy to help any new people thinking of getting into the alpaca industry.

Quirky Fun Alpaca Bags made in a thick soft shell fabric that is durable and showerproof. Custom order or see what's already available.


Aingeal Ridge



Aingeal Ridge

Aingeal Ridge Alpacas was established in 2005 by Geoff, Jenni, Alysia, Abby and Sophie Smith, and after a break we are pleased to introduce Jeff, our new family member, to alpacas as we refocus our breeding to maintain a small number of high quality huacaya.

We have been fortunate that two of our key females, Hillside Gardens Miss Argyle ET and Aingeal Ridge Firenze have returned to join carefully selected elite alpacas from Softfoot, Cedar House, Banksia Park, Goldleaf, Ashbourne, Bedrock and Malakai to form the breeding stock of Aingeal Ridge.

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Wattle Grove



Wattle Grove Alpacas and B&B

We are a boutique alpaca business, breeding fine, white huacaya alpacas in Strath Creek, Victoria. Australia.

We purchased two alpacas a few years ago and then agisted our alpacas until we purchased our property here in Strath Creek.

We were initially attracted to alpacas because they were unusual, and further research indicated that alpacas produce beautiful, soft, fine fleece.

Our goal is to breed fine, white, Huacaya (pronounced Wah-ky-uh) alpacas, with commercially viable fleece. We are members of the Australian Alpaca Association and support the alpaca industry in Australia.

We love the rural lifestyle, farming our alpacas and running our Bed and Breakfast. We’d love to have you visit us and discuss your alpaca needs and requirements.

Contact us

Diane and Paul Boede
0419 528 808


Kepler Mountain View Alpacas



Alpaca Stud Farm with Accommodation and Tours

Kepler Mountain View Alpacas is a rural, 12 acre alpaca stud farm located in beautiful Lake Manapouri, Fiordland. We invite you to enjoy a tour of our alpaca farm, stay in our onsite self-contained accommodation, or shop our gorgeous range of alpacas products. We also have alpacas for sale.

Alpaca farm tours

Meet and hand feed our gentle Alpacas on a fun Alpaca Farm Tour and experience the kiwi alpaca lifestyle. Included for free during your stay, or available separately.

Kepler Mountain View cottage

1 Bedroom Self Contained Cottage located on our 12 acre rural lifestyle block on the outskirts of the Manapouri Village. Complimentary WiFi Internet. Sleeps 2.

Wild wool gallery

Shop our online store for a range of beautiful New Zealand made alpaca products, including baby alpaca knitted jumpers, woven alpaca scarves and small gifts.

Contact us

Jessie and Ray Haanen
Kepler Mountain View
130 Hillside Manapouri Road
Manapouri 9643
New Zealand
Ph: 0064 3 249 6685

Accommodation –

Alpaca Products –


Thief of Hearts



Thief of Hearts Alpacas New Zealand

Eric & Debbie Lister, owners of ‘Thief of Hearts’ - termed by the beautiful Alpacas who stole our hearts

As breeders of both Huacaya and Suri Alpacas, we feel extremely lucky to be living the dream. We also breed Gypsy Vaneer Horses and more recently have begun breeding the beautiful White Galloway Cattle. Thief of Hearts Alpaca Stud is situated just 9km behind the famous Tui Brewery, on the road between Woodville and Pahiatua; 110 Waituna Road, RD2, Pahiatua.

With over 20 years’ experience in the Alpaca industry, this is still a relatively short time considering the length of time Alpacas have now been in New Zealand. We first started looking at Alpacas back in 1996 and had our first animals arrive on our farm in November 1998.

Why us?

Thief of Hearts Alpaca Stud are who you want to deal with. Whether you're just starting out, or, experienced in the industry, there are many reasons to deal with us...

  • Experienced - with an Honest Reputation
  • Handling
  • Care and Attention
  • Support and Backup
  • Here for the Long Term
  • Prices to Suit All Purchasers
  • A Large range of Top Stud Males
  • We Help You Find the Right Animals for You
  • Computerised Record Keeping
  • We Love These Animals
Come and visit us and see for yourself just how much joy these animals can bring to you and your family. We are only 40 minutes drive from Palmerston North, 20 minutes from Woodville and 12 minutes from Pahiatua. You are welcome to contact us if you would like any further information.

Contact us

110 Waituna Road
Ph: +64 (0)27 325 8101

Email is here –





Yaringa Alpacas

Yaringa Alpacas is situated at Bald Hills in South Australia, approximately 1 hour drive south of Adelaide, off the Yankalilla to Victor Harbor Road.

In the beginning...

Yaringa Alpacas is owned and managed by Susan Haese. We purchased our first two alpacas as pets in 2000 and our fascination with these animals led us to purchase our first two girls in 2002.

Over the next few years we bred a few alpacas of our own and purchased a few more. Our herd grew and by mid 2005 we had 15 animals.

Yes, alpacas are addictive!! At this point we decided to build our hobby into a business and purchased syndicate shares in three elite black males, "Coonawarra Gladiator", "Bonnie Park Black Thunder" and "Coonawarra Thunderbolt".

We showed our first alpacas in 2004, and as the years have gone by the show team has got bigger and better each year. Our show results from the beginning are on the "show results" page of this website.

In 2008 we added the elite males "Ambersun King's Ransom" (light fawn) and rose grey male "Alpacaspecialist Red Baron". In October 2009 we added "Canchones Ferrari Black ET" (black) and "Shanbrooke Simply the Best" (light fawn) and in 2013 is "Pentland Giorgio" joined the stable.

We are excited to announce the purchase of our new stud male "EP Cambridge Voyager". April-May 2015 saw the Yaringa herd move from our base at Currency Creek to our exciting new home "Coomooloo Station" at Bald Hills between Inman Valley and Yankalilla. Coomooloo is traditionally a sheep property and the nearly 1000 acres will give our alpacas plenty of room to move.

Since arriving at Coomooloo, the Yaringa herd goes has gone from strength to strength - our alpacas are growing out quicker and are stronger have longer staple lengths.

Our goal is simple  – to breed elite alpacas.

Contact us

"Coomooloo Station", 
91 Coomooloo Road,
Bald Hills  South Australia  5203

+61 418 846 271





Mioshi Park Alpacas

Mioshi Park is located in the Adelaide Hills just outside of Callington and is home to a small number of AAA registered suri and huacaya alpacas.
We pride ourselves on breeding gentle, calm, well trained alpacas. All of our cria are halter trained and handled to ensure that they are gentle and placid around humans.

Certified Stud Males - available for outside matings

View our current availability
Visit our Stud page

Weddings and Events

Mioshi Park Alpacas are now offering personalised wedding (and other special events) packages.

We will provide alpacas, that have outstanding manners and loads of cuteness factor, to make you and your guests go wow (they will try their best not to outshine the bride or guest of honour though!!!) ​ They will happily pose for photographs, interact with guests, and even wear bow ties, veils, or something to match your colour scheme, if that is what you choose.

Fleece and fleece products

  • Mioshi Park Alpacas has numerous colours, microns and amounts of fleece for sale
  • All fleeces have been skirted as best as possible, however some vegetable matter may remain

Contact us

Mioshi Park Alpacas
Located in the Adelaide Hills just outside of Callington.​


Tel:  0414 974 807 (Jodie)


Alpaca Passion



Alpaca Passion

A family-owned business, Alpaca Passion has been at home in Daylesford for over 10 years. With a vast range of stylish alpaca garments and cosy homewares selected from the best alpaca fashion suppliers in the world, Alpaca Passion is a shopping destination, and a must-visit on your next trip to Daylesford.
Co-founders Keith and Liz began their passion for alpaca 15 years ago with the purchase of a small herd to graze under their chestnut orchard in northeast Victoria. At the time, not much was known about these captivating animals, or the luxurious fleece they produced. Nowadays, alpaca wool is a highly sought after natural fibre and Alpaca Passion is the premier alpaca fashion boutique dedicated to showcasing what the ancient Incas called “the fibre of the gods”.

Contact us

Alpaca Passion is open 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm, or you can shop online at any time.

If you'd like to contact Alpaca Passion,
Store Tel: 03 5348 1177 



Buckland Alpacas



Buckland Alpacas

Buckland Valley Alpacas have left the Valley behind and are now Buckland Alpacas of Lauriston, Victoria.

From one beautiful area to another. We now find ourselves in the thick of Alpaca world in the Victorian Central region with lots of demand for our alpacas and stud services which for most breeders were previously 4 hours away.

We didn’t realise how remote we were until moving to Lauriston! We are enthusiastic breeders of fine quality alpacas of all colours except black. Our herd now numbers 120 which apart from seasonal births and sales, we will not increase, opting for quality rather than quantity.

We have proven stud males available for outside matings which have been selected for specific traits allowing us to produce excellent cria from many different styles of female.

We also have up and coming males which are shown extensively as part of their assessment as stud breeders. We have females for sale ranging from white to dark brown including premium animals with show success.

They can be purchased with a cria at foot and/or with a guaranteed pregnancy to one of our stud males. We have a limited number of stud quality males for sale all of which have proven genetics and show success.

Contact us

We can be contacted via our webform here:

Contact us


Royal View



Royal View Alpacas

Royal View Alpacas is situated at the foothills of Middleton, 75kms South of Adelaide, on 40 acres with spectacular views of the ocean.  Adjoined by Goolwa and Victor Harbor,the region is known as a tourism hotspot. White beaches, great surf in Summer and whale watching during Winter.

We have a small herd of 30 Alpacas, but are consistently purchasing alpacas to diversify and improve our genetics.  We halter train all cria when they are weaned to ensure the easiest of handling & safety for both you and the alpaca.

If you are new to alpacas, we are happy to offer support and advice on all aspects of alpaca ownership.


With a small herd of alpacas, Royal View Alpacas have a small selection of animals for sale. Ranging from friendly, halter trained, show quality alpacas, stud males, pets and herd guards, all carrying good genetics.

Our alpacas are competitively priced, with older females (some with cria) and herd guards starting from $ 400.00 incl. GST. Our animals are all registered with the Australian Alpaca Association. Membership and transfer costs are the responsibility of the new owners.

Discounts apply for multiple purchases.

We are happy to offer free delivery within 50km with the purchases of two or more alpacas, or for a small fee we can deliver up to 100km to cover fuel costs.

Spinning or felting? Skirted fleeces are available for sale, priced per kilo according to quality and colour.

Knitting? Processed alpaca fleece available for sale, priced according to colour.

Breeding Stock

Young show quality males and females, females with cria at foot, mature females mated to our and outsourced stud males – our gate is always open and welcome you to inspect our alpacas to match your requirements of age, conformation and fleece quality.

If you are new to breeding alpacas, purchasing older, proven breeders – girls who have successfully delivered and raised cria, with no complications, are a great place to start.

We offer a fertility guarantee with all alpacas sold as breeding stock, a certification guarantee for all potential stud males and a live cria guarantee for all pregnant females.


Selecting an alpaca as a companion needs careful consideration. Not all alpacas enjoy human company – regardless of how often or how gently they are handled. Our alpacas are available for sale at the time of weaning – usually 5-6 months of age.

When they are weaned they can go through a stage when human company is well received. For the best selection we suggest visiting the farm early in our breeding season while they are still with mum – their cuteness means they don’t last long!

Alpacas thrive with other alpacas and will fret if kept alone. We started with 3 older females, 2 with cria at foot.

Contact us

Sharyn Jennings – 0437 887 387

David Jennings – 0438 708 840

Facebook : Royal View Alpacas



Lakeland Alpacas



Lakeland Alpacas

Located in South east Queensland, Lakeland Alpacas has an ever growing herd of quality white and coloured Huacaya alpacas.

They are the most glorious animals to have in your life, full of fun and curiosity.

Alpacas are so versatile and are suitable animals for small breeding herds, commercial herds, as livestock guardians, pets, high quality fiber producers or show animals.
They eat relatively small amounts, especially when compared with other livestock and give so much in return with minimal maintenance.

We are very passionate about the wellbeing of our alpacas and offer ongoing support and advise to anyone who purchases our animals and anybody who may need any help, so please don't hesitate to contact us.

Sam and Mark


We try to keep our website as up to date as possible, however if you can't find what you're looking for please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are new to alpacas please feel free to ask us questions, you are not on your own and if you purchase alpacas from us we do offer ongoing care and advise.

Please note we will not sell lone alpacas unless they are going to a home with other alpacas.

We recommend keeping a minimum of three alpacas for the mental and physical well being of your herd.

Contact us

We are located in the Ipswich region with the lovely rural neighbouring Lockyer valley and Somerset regions near by providing a great country drive and only one hour from Brisbane city

Sam: 0420 839 030
Mark: 0408 808 487
​Visitors by appointment only please.



Whispering Gums



Whispering Gums Alpacas

At Whispering Gums Alpacas our breeding program is focused on all coloured alpacas for premium elite commercial fleece production. We enjoy breeding coloured alpacas for variety and not knowing what colour we are going to get. We shall endeavour to produce strong true to type animals with correct conformation, density, uniformity and fineness

Whispering Gums Alpacas like many studs/breeders before us started with pet alpaca's. These marvellous animals captivated us from the moment they arrived on the property. From here being totally intrigued by these majestic animals our herd slowly grew and before we knew it we had 30 alpacas in our small herd.

Our passion for these animals set us on a journey to learn more. We were introduced to breeding by fellow alpaca lovers and have been guided and mentored along the way by some very knowledgeable and passionate breeders. To them we are forever grateful.

Realizing we were outgrowing our 6 acre property we moved the family and the herd to " Bundara View " a truly beautiful property of 140 acres on the Leigh River Valley in Inverleigh.

Our breeding aim is to focus on all coloured alpacas, endeavouring to produce strong true to type animals with correct conformation, density, uniformity and fineness.


Whispering Gums offers a wide variety of services; including:

  • Shearing (crias included)
  • Husbandry/Vaccinations


Please feel free to contact us to discuss your shearing requirements. 
It is recommended to plan well in advance due to weather conditions and availability. Please feel free to contact us for an obligation free quote and availability.

Husbandry Services include:

  • Injections - Vitamin ADE, B12, Vam injectable, Utravac 5 in 1, Drenches.
  • Toe nail clipping
  • Ear Tagging

Contact us

Darren & Emma Smith

432 Bakers Lane
Inverleigh, Victoria
Australia 3321

Postal Address: PO BOX 76, Teesdale, Victoria 3328

Mob: 0409 901 931



Revelation NZ



Revelation NZ Alpaca Stud

An emerging stud based in Waimate, South Canterbury, Revelation NZ Alpaca Stud is breeding for sensational smokey roans & greys in all shades. We welcome visitors to our farm and love to share all things alpaca with our clients.

In 2017 we realised a dream when they purchased Manuka Cottage Farm - a picturesque cottage nestled on a small farm on the outskirts of Waimate.

Now home to Revelation NZ Alpaca Stud, Manuka Cottage Farm is starting to take shape. With long terms goals to develop a farm shop and art gallery - we are currently focused on developing a strong breeding programme and learning as much as we can about producing high quality alpacas.

We are dedicated to our industry and giving back however we can. In 2020 Jakki took up the position of Treasurer on the National Council for the Alpaca Association New Zealand and she is committed to helping build a vibrant positive organisation, that supports alpaca owners and breeders at all levels. She believes that a vibrant association with a strong industry focus is the way forward.

Stud Services

While we are committed to our modern grey/roan breeding programme, we are also committed to breeding quality alpacas - across the colour spectrum.

In 2020 we have added a new sire to our line up - Waikara Park Ambrose. He brings many fine qualities to our breeding programme and a good option for our lighter coloured females.

We have a selection of proven, and young sires which we stand at stud at our property in Waimate, South Cantebury.

Contact us

Jakki & Colin Guilford

9 Hannifins Road, Waimate, NZ 7924

Sat-Tues by appointment only

+64 3 689 7329

+64 27 202 9898




Avenel Ridge



Avenel Ridge Alpacas

Avenel Ridge is a boutique coloured Alpaca Stud based in Warrenbayne - North Central Victoria. We are a stud that focuses on the development of quality white and coloured animals. We currently use a combination of our own registered males and external males to improve our herd.

We are focusing on breading consistently fine stylish and well-structured fleeced animals across all colours. Our herd is structured with about 60% white animals and 40% coloured animals including a growing focus on Fancy animals.

We are developing different sections of our business all the time with a diversified approach to our alpaca experience. The full paddock to product is a big part of our future focus.

About us

We are family run stud that has a focus on the animals first as they are all part of the family, and all parts of the family get involved with the animals.

We are currently building our herd with the view of improving our animals across all colours. Our aim is to breed top quality stud animals in the future. Along the way to our ultimate goal we will also cater for those parties looking for Pets, Herd Guards and/or starter herds.

Contact us

Daniel Boote

Feel free to contact Daniel on 0400 420 316 to talk all things Alpacas as we are happy to discuss our experiences and learnings to others who are capivated by these beautiful and interesting animals.

Warrenbayne Victoria, Australia
Contact for address details

Visits by appointment only.

0400 420 316